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Presenting without pandering - self-marketing for creative people


Do you have a creative profession and would you like to advertise yourself successfully and sustainably? Then you shouldn't read a 10-Step Guide to Success, but this book! Alina Gause pursues a holistic approach that combines a preoccupation with your personality as an artist with the special laws of the artist métier and artistic markets:


• First get to know your personal attitude towards self-marketing and develop a basic attitude - without which even the best Instagram tips will come to nothing.


• Then find your very own mode of action through the first concrete activities - because only this you can hold out long enough and against resistance.


• Finally, you can benefit from numerous specific tips and practical exercises (e.g. for preparing photo sessions, designing a profile in social networks or contract negotiations, and much more)


While the focus of this book is also on the performing arts, the psychological know-how and practical tips are nonetheless applicable to all creative personalities and genres.

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Warum Künstler die glücklicheren Menschen sein könnten: Der Künstlerberuf aus psychologischer Perspektive (2011, BoD) (“Why artists could be the happier ones: the artistic profession from a psychological perspective”)

This book gives insight into the psychology of a professional group that knows no private life: performing artists. Alongside psychological perspectives, artists themselves also contribute: sharing engaging stories about how they continue to look for (and find) happiness in life, but also what has frustrated and hindered their efforts along the way. This book argues that artists should be turned to in the manner they deserve: respectfully, with great care and attention.

Kompass für Künstler – Ein persönlicher Wegbegleiter für Kreative (2017, Springer Verlag)  (“A compass for artists – a personal guide for creatives”)

This book offers artists and creative types of all genres practical and moral support for their everyday and professional lives: whether dealing with internal obstacles such as self-doubt, confusion, or a lack of motivation, or external ones such as invoices, laundry hampers, and negotiations with collaborators and hiring partners. This book serves as armor for readers when they’re feeling unprotected: on the casting couch, at a loss for ideas, at the agency brunch, before the big presentation, on the red carpet, on tour ...

A book for professional artists as well as all other creative souls.


Alina Gause's contribution to the #metoo-debate

She interviewed professsionals working in the entertainment-industry such as directors, actors, producers and teachers. In her article she gives attention to psychological and business-aspects and provides an approach to solve the problem.

Not me! - Was den Nährboden für sexuelle Übergriffe im Schauspielmetier fördert und wie wir das ändern können

("Not me! - What are the supporting conditions for sexual assault in the entertainment-industry and how can we change them"

In the 2020 international version of the castmag, Alina Gause wrote an article about "Tolerance of ambiguity - why creatives win in times of crisis".



Since 2008 Alina Gause answers questions asked in castmag by actors and actresses concerning their working and living conditions. Here are three examples:

  • October 2015 How can I avoid the numbness I always fall into when I have to update my promotion material -  such as photographs, "about me - video clips" or my website?

  • April 2013 How can I cope with sudden changes between phases full of verve to chaos and emptiness? 

  • January 2013 How can I get on in my carreer when I'm constantly underestimated and ignored?

The Artists‘ Way Of Life – A Future Lifestyle? A Plea“ 
This article proposes a change of thinking in two respects: first, that performing artists should be recognized as a worthwhile category for a new field of research, because they show increased abilities that enable individuals to cope with actual changes in society; and second that a qualified handling of the physical and psychological burdens suffered by this unknown group of professionals should no longer be treated like a taboo. 


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