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Alina Gause - Autor


Alina Gause’s work as an author encompasses books aimed at both general and specialized audiences as well as dramatic and musical texts. She is the author of two books: “Warum Künstler die glücklicheren Menschen sein könnten,” or “Why artists could be the happier ones,” published by BoD in 2011, and “Kompass für Künstler” or “A compass for artists”, published in 2016 by Springer Verlag.


Since 2008 she has also been on the editorial board of the acting magazine castmag.

Alina Gause - In her own words


There are also numerous contributions in various media about Alina Gause as a person, her career, and her work with and for artists. Among other activities, she has been interviewed on talk shows and podcasts and also lent her expertise to address specific topics such as the question of suitable self-promotion for artists.

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