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Lennart Schilgen

Songwriter, lyricist, singer, comedian, musician, Berliner …


Lennart Schilgen might seem an maverick among the personalities represented here: he is unique in that he takes the stage exclusively with his own written material. Anyone who has seen him live, however, knows that here, too, a multi-talent is at work


When I first heard his song “In der Hand” on the radio with his band at the time, “Tonträger”, I was immediately struck by the soulfulness, wit, groove, and depth, together with his velvety voice. The band split up and then an exciting period began during which I was able to support Lennart in developing his solo career. After only two years (!), he had two solo shows in Berlin’s “Bar jeder Vernunft” under his belt, followed by a tour of Germany and coveted prizes such as the “Stuttgarter Besen” (2018) and the Prix Pantheon (2019).


Lennart inspires audiences wherever he performs with his unique blend of musical skill, textual sophistication, sharp wit, and captivating charm.

Send Booking requests to:


Eike Koch
Telefon: +49 40 3980 8180

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