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„The third person“ 

The “third person,” alongside the private and creative person, is the third component of artistic personalities – and one that often needlessly hinders and weakens them. This person appears in situations which are neither definitively private nor creative (such as premiere parties, contract negotiations, castings, photo shoots, or breaks). What lies beneath and how can it be changed? How can creatives become suitable advocates for themselves, and in a way that feels right for them? In sharing of psychological background knowledge, exercises, case studies, and conversational exchange, workshop participants will develop new strategies and perspectives on how to shape their creative lives in a more self-determined and satisfactory way.


Workshop contents include:

  • psychological background knowledge of working on stage and in front of the camera

  • the nature, causes, and benefits of stage fright

  • self-promotion and contract negotiations

  • self-organization and time management



  • a small, select group (4-8 People)

  • for all creative genres


Workshop leader: Alina Gause

Cost: 190,- € incl. VAT.

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