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Autonomy instead of precarity

– multi-track career paths in artistic professions

Multi-track career paths have always shaped the professional lives of creatives. And yet a stubborn idea persists in the minds and hearts of many, one that is rather out of date: “If you’re talented, money and recognition are sure to follow. Anyone who does something alongside their art has failed or isn’t a ‘real’ artist.” Such tunnel vision provokes feeling of shame and failure when precisely the opposite approach is needed in order to make a living.


Our goal in this workshop is to draw attention to the full range of options and choices available to artists, in order to reduce the subjective and objective dependency from which many creative persons suffer. A professional career as an artist contains many privileges that are sometimes forgotten under the pressure to secure your livelihood. Keeping this in mind, however, can lead you back to that familiar creative terrain: an open field to be shaped using such trusted skills as imagination, flexibility, creativity, initiative, enthusiasm, tolerance for frustration, discipline, and tolerance for ambiguity. In doing so, you can create more space for what it’s all for: the art itself.


Format and content:

  • a small, select group (4-8 people)

  • for all creative genres

  • psychological and industry-specific background knowledge

  • presentation of various career models

  • development of the initial steps toward implementing one’s personal target model


Workshop leaders: Alina Gause and Heike Scharpff (licensed psychologist and theater director)

Cost220,- € incl. VAT

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